Finding Inspiration at Every Turn

Our team is here at the ready. We pride ourselves on creating jaw-dropping visuals that will keep audiences engaged, and waiting for more. 

Meet THE Team


Leo Cardelli

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Co-Owner / Creative Director / Producer


Garett McKelvie

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Cinematographer / Colourist


Henry Nadasdi

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Co-Owner / Director / Editor

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Josh Krzywonos

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Camera Operator / D.O.P.




We always start with your customers in mind. From there we develop creative solutions to reach new and current customers. Through photo and video we're able to capture your company brand.


There's nothing like starting a creative discussion over coffee! 

We start by taking a dive into your company and learning about what makes your business unique. Creating a photo and/or video idea tailored for your business.

Do you like the idea? Great! Now just let us do the rest. We'll start by planning shoot dates, location, crew and style boards. With everything all in place its then time for the best part of the process. Production! 

Now it's time to take all the ideas and planning from pre-production and start shooting. 



Our amazing team takes all of the footage captured on set and begins to organize and assemble the video. After the initial assembly the team edits and colour grades the footage. Motion graphics, music and audio effects are added using professional software to make sure your project is ready for the big or small screen.


What we do!

Advertising & Marketing:
Video Marketing Campaigns - For Brands

Commercial productions for TV, web, social media, and events.

Depending on your project needs/goals, we will create unique video content for your specific audience/platform.


Corporate Video:

“About Us” videos
Training videos
Tutorials for your business (How-to...)
Educational videos for your valued customers

HR Department videos

Food & Drink:

Mouthwatering photos showcasing your food/drink

Delicious videos for advertising and sharing

Music Videos:

Grow your audience exponentially by bringing your music to life.
We learn your story to best represent your vision


CYNX Media is also for our fellow creatives! We're always excited about any project and happy to help in any way possible. You can be assured that the CYNX Team is there to bring the A-Game no matter the project. 

What We Offer:
4K Video Capture

Certified Drone Pilot

Colourist services

Concept Creation

Motion Graphics
Post Production

Sound Design & Mixing

Voice Recording

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