Why CYNX Media?

Here at CYNX Media we not only strive to provide industry leading media production, we also pride ourselves in the ability to make sure the content we provide is seen by thousands of potential customers/clients. With our cutting edge equipment and outside of the box marketing strategies we are eager to watch your business grow.

The Process

Our process starts with you. We want to learn about your business, why you’re looking for new/updated content and who your target market is. From there we’ll plan with our team and get back to you with ideas. Once we’re all happy with the idea it's off to scheduling the shoot. After the shoot is scheduled this is where you can sit back and watch the magic happen. Our team will start creating the vision we talked about. Following the shoot it's off to the editing room where all the pieces fall together! Finally it’s all done, the masterpiece has been completed and it's off to get marketed and advertised!